The European Republic
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We give the European Republic a face!

Why the European Republic?

We have come 2/3rds of the way. We have a single market, a single currency, now we need a single democracy. In the EU, European Citizens are too often divided by different voting systems, different taxation systems or different access to social systems. The European Republic stands for the political equality for all European citizens and a full-fledged #EuropeanCitizenship. The single market and the Euro must be embedded in a European democracy. We shift the paradigm:

  • From United States of Europe to the European Republic
  • From European integration to European democracy
  • From a single market to European public goods 
  • From states to citizens as the main subjects of European unity.  

Because Europe  is the unity of  people,  and not the integration of states!

Ulrike Guérot

Our three pillars

The European Democracy Lab is dedicated to developing innovative ideas for Europe. We promote the European common good beyond the nation state. The development of a transnational paradigm and the exploration of alternative concepts for the European political order are the Lab’s main concerns. We combine research, activism and culture.

We dare you! Pop the usual Europe bubble! Europe doesn’t belong in an echo chamber. Let’s mainstream the European Republic! All our activities are dedicated to making the European Republic a common reality. We want to experiment. Our work is based on three pillars:

LAB & DESIGN Thinking

Activism & Capacity building

Art & Culture

What we’ve done recently