Although of mixed Italian-British ancestry, I was a 'sceptic' about the EEC back in 1975, but have become a convert since. I took an MA in European Union Studies at Lancaster University in 1999 and was active in the opposition to Brexit, marching in the three great anti-Brexit London marches in 2018-19 and have been a correspondent and subscriber to the past European journal as well as the New European. I have also always been an anti-monarchist, pro-republican in a country where nostalgia for an imperial past is still a potent political factor. We must move on from nationalist myths to tackle collectively the global problems; the Covid 19 pandemic has shown how we can only communally address these issues of disease, climate change, international financial inequalities, poverty and the consequent disruption of communities by conflicts sending millions into refugeeship. We need to speak out and organise against the drift towards authoritarian nationalisms and isolationism across the world. We can learn from each other, from the rich history of knowledge learnt from past errors that is the best of European culture.