Human kind has had their toddler days in the cave, small child days in ancient history, school days since the book press and I know, we've graduated from university quite some time ago. Now let's be responsible adults, use our knowledge and experience. Centralized authorities are no longer inevitable structures that are due to the the restrictions that physical paper and geographical distances imposed. Knowledge, discussion and flexibility are always close to us. World peace is possible, and European countries have the financial and social means to start implementing it. The missing link is thourough participation. "You" and "I" must do it, or "they" will never succeed. We have the knowledge and the technical means to make life good for all human beings, hence the long-term destructive strategy of trying to make things best for oneself or for one's own group is no longer the preferable strategy for you; it is downright ineffective, since not only trade and information has become global. Everything has become global: economics, migration, environmental changes, politics. Let's learn to use our gifts wisely, before everything has become universal. The worst failure of civilazation would be to export our childish warfare mentality into space and future. [[The picture is from when I gave up my holiday to make the statement that anyone of us has the choice of acting either supportive or condemning of things that have great impact (]]