From November 2015 to March 2016, the European Democracy Lab invited young and creative Europeans and gave them the opportunity to present and discuss their innovative ideas for Europe. In four workshops, young activists and artists explored the following topical and forward-looking themes and questions: 

  1. The intertwining of online and offline activism and the challenges of civil society mobilization (Activate Europe. Online only?) with Cherian Grundmann (One Europe), Chloé Pahud (Civocracy), Victoria Kupsch (European Democracy Lab) as well as Vincent Herr and Martin Speer (Heer & Speer) 
  2. The relationship between politics and art and the political role of live theatre as an art form (Activate Europe. On Stage!) with Tobias Schuster and Tomas Schweigen (Schauspielhaus Vienna) as well as Ludwig Haugk (Maxim Gorki Theater); 
  3. Initiatives for a better Europe – here and now (Activate Europe. On the Road!) with the initiators of the project “Our Europe“ (Vores Europa), Elena Askløf and Peter Laugesen from Copenhagen, who reported on their journey across Europe. 
  4. Berlin as a magnet for founders, visionaries and anyone who wants to change the world (Activate Europe. Under Construction) with Renaud Vercouter (Initiator of the photo exhibition “Europe Under Construction. Berlin 1945 – 2015”) and Ulrike Guérot (European Democracy Lab) 

The Road Works Sessions established the European Democracy Lab’s early on as a unique and distinctive platform for networking and the exchange of ideas for people working towards a different Europe in their respective fields – whether art & culture, civil society or science.


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September 8, 2020