March For A New Europe – All Aboard!

On 23 June 2016, the United Kingdom announced its decision to leave the EU. For nationalists and populists, it’s become a day of celebration. But now it’s our turn! We refuse to be silenced on that day of all days. We’re going to speak up loud and clear for our idea of a new Europe!

We stand firm against backwards, nationalist, and fact-denying politics: the kind that’s symbolised by the red bus of the Leave campaign 🇬🇧🚗🚌. We’re putting our foot down. We’ve got bags of concrete proposals that will signpost the way to a democratic, sustainable, supportive Europe!

Join us for an event to celebrate the publication of DISCO SOUR, a speculative fiction novel from Giuseppe Porcaro, published by Unbound.

Giuseppe Porcaro will be in conversation with Ulrike Guérot, founder and director of the European Democracy Lab. The conversation will be followed by music, drinks and book signing.

Im April 2018 veranstalteten das European Democracy Lab, die Heinrich Böll Stiftung Baden-Württemberg und die Katholische Akademie in Freiburg erstmalig ein zweitägiges interdisziplinäres Symposium, in dessen Verlauf jeweils ein zukunftsweisender Vorschlag zur Zukunft des Projekts Europa diskutiert wird.

A wide debate on the future of Europe is taking place, at a time of multiple challenges for the European integration. At the same time, we see the striking calls for greater autonomy or even independence by several regions in Europe, an intensified regional lobbying, transnational regional cooperation and macro-regional strategies. These developments illustrate the need to discuss what role the regions could and should play in the future EU27.

Séminaire Chaire Philosophie « Qu’est-ce qui vient après la Nation? »

La politologue allemande Ulrike Guérot abordera le concept d’État-nation qu’elle considère comme dépassé. En effet, après le scrutin catalan dans une tribune au « Monde », elle affirme que le temps est venu de rénover les institutions du continent au profit d’une République. Elle défend le projet d’une République européenne.

Pour plus d'information, consultez la page de l'Université de Nantes.


Participants of the discussion

The European Democracy Lab and La République en Marche jointly organized the Berlin Round Table on Europe. The speakers Dr. Ulrike Guérot (European Democracy Lab), Daphne Büllesbach (European Alternatives) and Florian Günther (Stand up for Europe) discussed how Germany could be encouraged to play an active part in the EU reforms proposed by French president Emmanuel Macron.