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Redefining Regions in Europe


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In April 2018, Danube University Krems started working on a research project on regional parliaments in the European Union. This project takes place in cooperation with Forum Morgen, the European Democracy Lab at the European School of Governance, the Berlin Social Science Centre (WZB), the University of Tübingen and Jagiellonian University Kraków.

On 23 and 24 January 2019, the project will be officially kicked off with a conference at Danube University Krems.
The goal is to reflect on the various academic debates on regions and regional governance in the EU, from multi-level parliamentarism to regional development, and from regional autonomy to populism. Together, we want to stake out this exciting field and provide a forum for debate on these issues. Besides facilitating the academic exchange between the participating institutions and third partners, the project also includes interventions in 15 regional parliaments in Austria, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, France, and Belgium.
This allows us to build bridges between the academic and political debate on regions in the EU.



Here, you can scroll through the programme of the conference:

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