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Progress in Regressive Times #2


The series

The rule of law, sexual freedom, gender equality, free trade. Norms that seemed fundamental are being put into question. The backlash against a rule-based international system and free societies is not just occurring in the West but throughout the world. Has market centrism and increasing inequality left too many people behind?

Have we made any progress in fighting inequality, sexism, racism, and other exclusionary tendencies? When did we lose track of striving towards ever fairer societies and economies that value equality, freedom and the rule of law?

A series of talks between research and activism on the role of the economy, the state, and gender in times of resurgent nationalism.

Progress in Regressive Times #2: Make way for feminist foreign policy!

Feminist foreign policy in Europe - what it means and where we stand

In 2014, Sweden was the first country in the world to launch a feminist foreign policy with the goal of promoting gender equality through all means and instruments employed in Sweden’s foreign policy activities. Four years later, we look at the progress made: What are the results of Sweden’s move to a feminist foreign policy? Have other countries followed suit? What can Europe learn from this and can feminism equally “upgrade” other policy areas?  

with Kristina Lunz, founder of the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy in Germany, moderated by Polis180.

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