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Power and Responsibility: What Role for Managers in European Political Debates?

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The question if European management board members, entrepreneurs and executives should take a political stand and publicly express their views on European issues is a hot and controversial one. Should entrepreneurs and managers interfere more in politics, show their backbone and fight proactively for Europe, as for example René Obermann and United Europe founder Jürgen Großmann demand? Or should they stay out of politics because they merely have their own entrepreneurial interests in mind and not the future of Europe?

The participants in this debate organized by United Europe eV. are:

  • Simone Menne, multi-supervisory board member
  • Christian Schubert, Christian Schubert, Head of Berlin office at BASF
  • Henrik Schmitz, Vice President Communication Strategy at Telekom

Moderator: Ulrike Guérot


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