March for a New Europe

March For A New Europe – All Aboard!

On 23 June 2016, the United Kingdom announced its decision to leave the EU. For nationalists and populists, it’s become a day of celebration. But now it’s our turn! We refuse to be silenced on that day of all days. We’re going to speak up loud and clear for our idea of a new Europe!

We stand firm against backwards, nationalist, and fact-denying politics: the kind that’s symbolised by the red bus of the Leave campaign 🇬🇧🚗🚌. We’re putting our foot down. We’ve got bags of concrete proposals that will signpost the way to a democratic, sustainable, supportive Europe!

What, Where, When

Our “March for a New Europe” will kick off on 23 June at 11.45 at Friedrichstraße S-Bahn station. When the clocks strike 12 o’clock, we’ll head on towards Bebelplatz, stopping by the British Embassy on the way. We’re turning Bebelplatz into the centre of Europe. There will be pitches from people with visions for Europe, a chance to speed-date politicians, enjoy music, and much, much more...

What we want

We want Europe. But wanting Europe today means wanting a different kind of Europe. We want a Europe that is close to its citizens: a democratic Europe that is sustainable and full of solidarity.

Together, we’re making a stand for a European democracy that has its citizens as its heart. It’s finally time for us to get the social Europe we’ve been promised. We want a Europe where social politics secure the freedom of all citizens and makes sure everyone gets an equal shot in life.

Now is the time to take to the streets, raise our voices and make a stand for what we believe in. Will you come along for the ride?

The March is organized by THE EUROPEAN MOMENT, a collective of NGO's, think tanks and civil society initiatives working for a better Europe.


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