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Laboratory Exhibition: The European Republic is under Construction

The European Republic, graphic

Opening of the F(EU)TURE FESTIVAL: 01/03/19 at 18:00 with Klaus Lederer, Senator for Culture and Europe of Berlin and Ulrike Guérot (European Democracy Lab)

Opening of the Laboratory Exhibition "The European Republic is under Construction" at 19:00 with Sven Sappelt (CLB) and Marie Rosenkranz (European Democracy Lab)

Opening hours: 02/03 until 16/03, from Tuesday to Sunday, 11:00 to 19:00

The European reality is in crisis, but not the idea of Europe.

On May 26, 2019, the citizens of all European states elect their deputies to the European Parliament. This election will decide the future of the European Community:

Will it regress into rival nation states? Or will the community succeed in carrying out fundamental reforms for improved cooperation? And most importantly, will it be able to inspire citizens to strive for a common, democratic and solidary Europe?

The European Democracy Lab has formulated a concrete proposal for the future of Europe: the idea of a European Republic.

In a republic, sovereignty emanates from each and every citizen. They not only share market and currency, but also the same social and political rights. They live in a common democracy.

The F(EU)TURE FESTIVAL organized by the European Democracy Lab in partnership with CLB Berlin provides a stage for this idea and welcomes visitors to discuss a truly democratic Europe.

The core of the festival is the workshop-exhibition “The European Republic is Under Construction” based on the European Balcony Project 2018. On the basis of a manifesto written by Ulrike Guérot, Robert Menasse and Milo Rau, the European Republic was symbolically proclaimed in over 200 places in 25 countries. The impressive number of pictures and videos of the exhibition prove how strongly the belief of Europe is anchored in the population today. At the same time, this movement illustrates a wish for democratic changes.

The festival program includes lectures, talks, workshops, performances and last but not least political debates.

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