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Europe yes, but how? #5

Transnational Parties - Paths to a European Democracy?

The 2019 European Parliament elections were marked by special events: The Brexit, the rise of popularity of right-wing populist parties, a significant increase in voter turnout in many countries.

For the first time, new European parties were formed, which run transnationally for the elections. Even though they could not yet comply a Europe-wide party statute due to the negative resolution of the European Parliament in 2017, they committed to a unified appearance with a single programme in all EU member states they were present. As important actors in representative democracies, the current challenges in Europe raise the question of the potential these new European parties may have for a European democracy.

Looking back at the European elections and towards the future of Europe, the European Democracy Lab, the Local Partnership for Democracy Frankfurt (Oder), Słubfurt e.V., Verbündungshaus fforst as well as the ELSA Frankfurt Oder e.V. and the AStA Viadrina invite you to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a pan-European party statute on 11 July 2019, at 7 p.m. at Brückenplatz | Plac Mostowy 2.0 in Frankfurt (Oder).

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