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De Eurocommissaris

Berlin Premiere

De Eurocommissaris

15 / 03 / 19

The State of the European Republic
Keynote Lecture by Ulrike Guérot


De Eurocommissaris
Berlin Premiere

tak Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg

A few years ago, I realised I knew very little about the European Union. That struck me as strange considering the importance and power of Brussels. So I did some research and made a little show about the EU and a fictional Dutch European Commissioner. But I grasped that my monologue arose entirely from my Dutch point of view. Is a democratic Europe even possible, if, subconsciously, we remain so rabidly nationalistic?

Joan Nederlof, Founder of the Dutch theatre group mugmetdegoudentand


In De Eurocommissaris, Joan Nederlof (Mugmetdegoudentand) takes the audience on a humorous journey through the thoughts and tribulations of the fictional European commissioner, Charlotte Hajenius. Is the dream of a democratic, united Europe even possible if Member States persistently put their own agenda first?

At the occasion of the European Democracy Lab's F(EU)TURE FESTIVAL from 1st to 16th March 2019, De Eurocommissaris will be performed outside of the Netherlands for the first time. By stepping into the role of the fictional European Commissioner of Regulations, Charlotte Hajenius, she gives the audience a glimpse into the inaccessible politics and conflicting values of Europe.  

The play will be performed in Dutch with German surtitles.

Opening words by Prof. Dr. Ulrike Guérot.

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