CLB Berlin, Prinzenstraße 84.2, 10969 Berlin

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Building Europe. The Role of Images and Architecture in Making European Democracy

The Image of Europe" European Union exhibition in Brussels in 2004, led by Rem Koolhaas and Reinier de Graaf from AMO. Photo by Hans Werlemann. © OMA

Every political structure is defined by its communication systems—a series of rules and technologies intended for the production and distribution of information; a set of instruments which dissect between the said and unsaid, the seen and unseen. From its beginning in the 1960s, politics in the European Union have been driven by the establishment of a media compound system of communications—including satellites, servers, power stations, telephone and telegraph cables, radio stations, TV sets, press halls, and editing rooms. However, in the past decades, this compound system has been criticized for not raising any enough identification in the creation of European citizenship. Architecture addressed as a substantial part of an “Iconographic Deficit,” – a term coined by Rem Koolhaas, whose barcode of European flags is also part of the exhibition at CLB – ought to bring solutions in creating new public imaginaries for Europe. In a cultural-historical analysis, Dennis Pohl (University of the Arts, Berlin) talks about the role of architecture for the EU and question what iconographic images mean for Europe.

The event is moderated by Marie Rosenkranz from the European Democracy Lab.

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