The European Democracy Lab is a think tank, a research hub, a cultural institution and a multiplier to promote dialogue on a common European future. The Lab has a two-fold structure: Our research projects are realized at the European School of Governance (eusg), a platform for study, research, and intervention. It is at the eusg where the European Democracy Lab was first established in 2013. More information on the eusg can be found here. Our current research project REGIOPARL, which we also conduct at the eusg, is funded by Forum Morgen but fully independent in its scientific focus and operational agenda.

To complement our research projects and to include culture and advocacy activities in our work, the European Democracy Lab e.V. was founded in 2017 as the second pillar of our organizational structure. As a non-profit association, it is funded entirely through donations of citizens. It is under the non-profit umbrella that we organize cultural projects and events, talks, conferences and book presentations, all public and free of charge.

The two-fold structure allows us to build bridges between research and society, politics, and culture, consultancy, and activism.

Below, please find the latest annual activity report of the European Democracy Lab e.V. in English and German.