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Marla Luther

Executive Director

Marla joined the team after many years working at senior levels at the juncture between politics and business. Previously she helped establish European operations and served as Managing Director for a Canadian company specialized in research and cultivation of medical cannabis. Prior to that she served as Principal at the Advisory Firm of former German Vice-Chancellor and Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer after having served for several years as his Head of Office. She studied Political Science and International Relations in Canada and Germany.

Katja Sinko

Campaign Manager

Katja has been engaged with the European Democracy Lab for many years. In the course of 2016, she turned into a full time European activist. Katja is an experiences campaign manager and keen to form new alliances. Previously, she has been contributing to political education projects on Europe for more than six years. Katja holds both an underggraduate and graduate degree in European Studies.

Ulrike Guérot


Ulrike founded the European Democracy Lab in 2014. Since she became a professor at Danube-University Krems, Ulrike continues to support the Lab as a scientific advisor, both physically and on Whatsapp. She has 20 years of experience in the European think tank community and has taught at universities in both Europe and the United States. She is the visionary behind the European Republic and the Lab’s overall agenda.

Verena Humber, European Democracy Lab. Foto: © Sascha Schlegel

Verena Humer

Project Manager "The European Balcony Project"

Verena studied German philology, cultural studies and gender studies in Vienna. She has managed a variety of conferences for the Elfriede Jelinek Research Centre and has worked with several of the most important female artists and theatre actors throughout Europe. After working as content and public relations manager, Verena is now in charge of the European Balcony Project.

Peter Jelinek


Peter works as a political communication expert in the European Parliament. He supports the lab in online communications and campaigning.

Paul Kindermann

Research associate at REGIOPARL


Paul is a research associate with the REGIOPARL project since March 2020. He is supporting the Lab as a project manager. Paul holds graduate degrees in philosophy and in politics, and has been studiying political theory in Hamburg, New York, Chicago, and Frankfurt. Before coming to Berlin, he worked for the European Parliamentary Research Service as a Schuman Trainee.

Press articles

Die europäische Demokratie steckt in der Krise. Das Vertrauen der Bürger in das politische Establishment nimmt ab. Was ist zu tun? Über die feinen Risse in den Grundfesten unserer europäischen Demokratien und den Versuch, sie zu konsolidieren spricht Annette Gerlach mit ihren Gästen in dieser siebten Ausgabe von Square Salon.

ARTE Square Salon

Deutsch / Français

À partir des années 1990, l’intégration européenne et la mondialisation néo­libérale ont rendu obsolète le modèle républicain français. Incapable de se renouveler, ce modèle s’est avéré insoluble dans la construction européenne....

Revue Esprit


The relationship of politics and the arts is changing rapidly. Look at the role of artists in protests like Occupy Wall Street or the Arab Spring, or more recently in the Brexit debate: Artists more and more often decide to actively interfere into the realm of politics — for example as contributors to the aesthetics of political protest movements and campaigns, as commentators or as political organizers.



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The European Democracy Lab was founded at the European School of Governance (eusg) in Berlin and is now supported in its cultural and advocacy work by the non-profit organization European Democracy Lab e.V. Research activities are conducted at the European School of Governance (eusg).


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