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The European Democracy Lab is an intergenerational think tank founded by Ulrike Guérot and Viktoria Kupsch in 2014. By connecting research, advocacy and culture, we generate innovative ideas for Europe.

A co-working space in Berlin's Neukölln district is where it all began. Equipped with no means other than motivation and a drive to impact the European discourse with concrete proposals, we started our journey to become the creative hub of thinking we are today.

Ulrike, who spent her whole life working for a variety of think tanks, private and public organizations who shape Europe on a daily basis, was disillusioned when ambitions on the European project were dropped, and when European nation-states increasingly turned against each other. From the sovereign debt to the refugee crisis, division halted development on the European continent.

To counter these developments, she decided to leave her Brussels policy job and start the European Democracy Lab. Since then, we have been working relentlessly, conducting research and cultural projects, organizing lectures and events, engaging in discussions and building a network of people who want to contribute to new European narratives.

We are committed to Ulrike Guérot’s vision of a European Republic based on the equality all European citizens before the law and the empowerment of the regions. To spread this inspiring idea and make it happen, we connect research, advocacy and culture.

Our team

Ulrike Guérot


is the founder of the European Democracy Lab. Since she became a professor at Danube-University Krems, Ulrike continues to support the Lab as a scientific advisor, both physically and on Whatsapp. She has 20 years of experience in the European think tank community and has taught at universities in both Europe and the United States. She is the visionary behind the European Republic and the Lab’s overall agenda.

Marie Rosenkranz

Research Associate & Project Management

studied communication, cultural management and European studies in Maastricht, Granada and Friedrichshafen. Marie joins our team as a project manager and multilingual genius. She previously oversaw a campaign at Polis180 to mobilize young people to go vote in the run-up to the German federal elections last year.

Bastian Kenn

Research Associate & Project Management

studied International Relations in Groningen. When Bastian joined the Lab in 2016, he planned to stay for 3 months as an intern but never managed to leave again. He previously gained experience with United Nations Volunteers (UNV) and the African Rural Development Movement (ARDUMO) and now supports the team as project manager.

Julien Deroin

Research Associate & Project Management

studied political science in Rennes and European Studies in Frankfurt/Oder. A citizen of La République who has made Berlin his home, Julien is constantly on the lookout for the latest political ideas and debates and our expert on republicanism. He previously taught European and international politics at European University Viadrina.

Verena Humer

Project Manager "The European Balcony Project"

studied German philology, cultural studies and gender studies in Vienna. She has managed a variety of conferences for the Elfriede Jelinek Research Centre and has worked with several of the most important female artists and theatre actors throughout Europe. After working as content and public relations manager, Verena is now in charge of the European Balcony Project.

Laura Sofia Salas

Project Assistant

studied public policies, communication and cultural management in Morelia, Konstanz and Friedrichshafen. She previously worked with the free art scenes in Morelia and Berlin on projects around topics like forced disappearance as well as researching and consulting. She recently joined the team and wants to trigger discussion about Europe through politico-artistic interventions.

Alina Bastian

Project Assistant

studies International Relations in Dresden. It is here where she learned to love interdisciplinary approaches, a perfect prerequisite for working at the Lab. She previously organized multiple Model United Nations (MUN) Conferences and worked as head of an international student exchange association.

Brigitte Steitz

Brigitte is the heroine we could have only dreamt of. She juggles the Lab’s numbers, keeping the books in perfect order and always has a careful eye on every invoice that needs to be settled.

Press articles

Après huit longs mois d’attente, la chancelière allemande a présenté dimanche, dans une interview, sa propre vision de l’avenir de l’Union européenne. Si elle fait des gestes en direction de Paris, Angela Merkel procède avec sa prudence habituelle.

La Croix


Stop acting like a spoiled child and accept that you can’t have Brexit both ways.



As part of our Monday Talks Series, Verena Humer and Bastian Kenn of the European Democracy Lab discuss their concept of a “European Republic” with Julien Hoez; delving into how this project could herald a new era of European politics, what it would mean for European citizens across the continent, as well as what the future holds in store for the  European Republic Project.



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The European Democracy Lab was founded at the European School of Governance (eusg) in Berlin and is now supported in its cultural and advocacy work by the non-profit organization European Democracy Lab e.V. Research activities are conducted at the European School of Governance (eusg).


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