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Recap of this year's Europe Day | May 9

On this year's Europe Day, the European Democracy Lab (EDL) partnered with civil society organisations from across our Union to organise Citizens Take Over Europe (CTE). We provided an open space to discuss current problems from a political, social and personal perspective and develop solutions together. What are our concerns and our most urgent problems? To what solutions can citizens contribute in the wake of the current crisis? How do we organise solidarity among Europeans and with the rest of the world? Our day-long marathon on the 9th of May featured a rich curated program of online live streamed events from across Europe including artistic performances, political debates, readings, and podcasts. Check out the full programme here.

The new team at the EDL worked intensively to make this online-event a genuinely European experience. With five live online conference-rooms, that were live-streamed on Facebook, we managed to reach many thousand people from across the continent. With our friends and partners in the CTE coalition, we demonstrated that one does not require million Euros to establish up an open transnational public space. Despite the constraints of a virus that respects no borders, we came together to debate the future of Europe. As Niccoló Milanese noted in the opening session: 'despite my social isolation, I am not alone'.

Rewatch the opening of Citizens Take Over Europe and the first panel that was organised by the EDL in cooperation with European Moments and European Alterantives. The panel starts at min 17:40.

Intro & Panel 1: Setting the scene: citizens speak out during the crisis (Kopie)

May 9 has been the kick-off for a longer term process that the CTE coalition is developing. Please check out the work of CTE, and support us. The coalition is also welcoming new organisations to the initiative.


European Republic

The European Republic is a EUtopia (Greek εὖ "good" or "well" and τόπος "place") for a democratic future in Europe. The idea shifts the paradigm from the United States of Europe towards an entity devoted to the common good of the citizens.


Europe as political community must be founded on the principle of political equality for all European citizens. After peace and freedom, European democracy can only be achieved through equality.

Europe of regions and cities

“Nation is fiction, region is home.” The Lab encourages a model in which Europe’s diverse regions form the constitutive units of a European polity built around the European common good.

We need your support to continue our work!

As a non-profit-organization, most of our work relies on donations. Each and every Euro matters. With your donation, we organize conferences, artistic interventions and workshops, spread ideas through various channels and engage with citizens at large.

As a registered charity, your donation is tax-deductible throughout the European Union. A receipt will be sent to you by Betterplace.org.

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The European Balcony Catalogue

At the moment we are working on the European Balcony Project catalog, which documents on 220 pages the events of the 10th of November 2018 and collects 120 images of the proclamations as well as texts from all over Europe. This multilingual catalog brings together a wide range of citizens who are interested in a stable and functioning Europe. It connects different ideas about Europe’s future such as a European passport or a European Constitution. It sums up all of your initiatives and activities. Many photos and texts from citizens and institutions referring to the project - from Ph.D. students to EU-commissars - will be published in this catalog in March 2020. We are very happy that the publishing house Theater der Zeit is going to publish it! The number of pieces is limited!

Past events


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