With the negotiations on the Conference on the Future of Europe under way, the Citizens Take Over Europe Coalition (CTOE), that was co-initiated by the European Democracy Lab, sent a petition to the European Parliament. The CTOE coalition calls for a transparent and participatory citizens-centred Conference and on the European institutions to:

  • organise a public consultation on how to design and organise the Conference as soon as the joint declaration is published;
  • ensure that citizens will be involved in setting the agenda of the Conference
  • facilitate the establishment of an independent EU Civil Society Forum to monitor the Conference and the follow-up process
  • establish a special European Parliament Working Group on the Conference on the Future of Europe that engages in dialogue with citizens and the EU Civil Society Forum regularly throughout the duration of the Conference 
  • ensure that the joint declaration contains a clear follow-up mechanism and commitment in order to guarantee that citizens’ inputs are adequately and promptly followed up, and that a process of treaty change is launched, if so recommended by the Conference.

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