The idea of Europe is in a state of emergency. Confronted with right-wing extremism, a severe economic crisis and humanitarian disasters at its borders, Europe as a concept of unity and peace is disintegrating. For years, the call for a deeper democratization has been voiced by progressive forces. A European Green New Deal, sea-rescue missions coordinated by transnational civil organizations, pan-European citizens assemblies: the catalogue of hope for new ways of structuring our post-nation society is manifold. But facing the catastrophe of climate change and an out-of-control economic order, time is running out: What may a truly transnational demos look like? What can be the role of the state? And what about its people, is a global citizen’s identity worth pursuing, let alone achievable?

The fifth episode of School of Resistance will host the co-founder of DiEM25 and philosopher Srećko Horvat and the political scientist and founder of the European Democracy Lab Ulrike Guérot to speak about possibilities beyond the nation-state.

Watch it here.