• Politics

The European Republic

The European Republic is a EUtopia (Greek εὖ "good" or "well" and τόπος "place") for a democratic future in Europe:  A republic where all European citizens enjoy political equality. The common good, res publica, is the guiding principle of our proposal for a future European community.

Though this vision is utopian in times of constant crisis, our goal is to open the debate beyond the current public discourse trapped between technocratic vocabulary and harsh rhetoric of growing nationalist movements. We want to discuss real alternatives.

There is a Plan B for Europe – The European Republic. We are convinced, our continent can transform into a post-national, truly democratic, just, and fair place.

  • Education

Europe 2045

EUROPE 2045 is a pan-European educational project, which seeks to initiate fresh thinking about our attitude towards cooperation between European countries and more broadly, our conception of what Europe is. We believe that the European Union as a form of political organization as well as much of Europe's shared history is not adequately covered in school and university curricula throughout the continent. Dominated by national overtones, our common history of political organization and dialogue is hardly discussed, future generations are not encouraged to participate in a discourse on Europe's current form, and more importantly: its future course.

Past projects

  • Science

National Parliaments and European democracy

The project was designed as a series of interviews with national deputies of Eurozone member states, with the aim of collecting their ideas about the state of European democracy as well as their views on the similarities and differences between the national and European level.

  • Network

Road works sessions

Europe is at a crossroads and the many people who work on shaping and changing it are travelling extensively across the continent – usually without even having the time to talk to local experts, citizens and other like-minded Europeans. In four different workshops, the European Democracy Lab has gathered smart und creative people together to exchange innovative Ideas for a new Europe.