Mission Statement

The European Democracy Lab is a platform fostering creative thinking about Europe.

We promote the European common good, beyond the nation state. The core issue of the Lab is developing a transnational paradigm to overcome nation-bound thinking and imagine alternative conceptions of the European polity. We connect research, advocacy and culture.


European Republic

The European Republic is a EUtopia (Greek εὖ "good" or "well" and τόπος "place") for a democratic future in Europe. The idea shifts the paradigm from the United States of Europe towards an entity devoted to the common good of the citizens.


Europe as political community must be founded on the principle of political equality for all European citizens. After peace and freedom, European democracy can only be achieved through equality.

Europe of Regions

“Nation is fiction, region is home.” The Lab encourages a model in which Europe’s diverse regions form the constitutive units of a European polity built around the European common good.

The core issue of the Lab is the promotion of a res publica europaea, emphasising the European common good, and the transnationalism of all European policy, beyond the nation state. We are striving for a European Republic that adheres to the principle of political equality. 

Europe needs a democracy based on Montesquieu’s principle of the separation of powers, in which the legislative and executive powers are clearly separated.

Developing a transnational paradigm is essential to overcome nation-bound thinking and change path-dependent, ill-designed economic policies, in which the national economies are still perceived to be in competition with one another.

Nation is fiction, region is home.” The Lab encourages a model in which Europe’s diverse regions form the constitutive units of a European Republic, a new political entity built around the European common good. 

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The European Democracy Lab is a think tank spreading creative thinking about Europe. We are not afraid to think outside the box and design Europe as a democratic, social and political project.

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With your donation, we conduct research projects, organise conferences and workshops, spread ideas through various channels and engage with citizens at large.

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Last events

Participants of the discussion

The European Democracy Lab and La République en Marche jointly organized the Berlin Round Table on Europe. The speakers Dr. Ulrike Guérot (European Democracy Lab), Daphne Büllesbach (European Alternatives) and Florian Günther (Stand up for Europe) discussed how Germany could be encouraged to play an active part in the EU reforms proposed by French president Emmanuel Macron.

In the media

Es gibt keinen dritten Weg für Spaniens Problem? Ein Denkfehler. Ein unabhängiges Katalonien könnte in einer EU bleiben, die zu einer Föderation der Regionen wird.

ZEIT Online


Brexit, Flüchtlingskrise, Terroranschläge – erstmals diskutieren die Bürger Europas transnational. Ein Zwischenschritt vor der Gründung einer europäischen Republik?



Wie könnte die Zukunft Europas aussehen? Den Anfang dieser Serie macht das European Democracy Lab, sie machen sich für die Idee einer europäische Republik stark. Wie diese aussehen und funktionieren soll, sowie weitere Einschätzungen zu Europas Zukunft erfahrt ihr in dieser Folge.

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